Room 01: Exhibition of the Exhibition

Wall: Photo Exhibition 


A photo exhibition was held in Kejetia, northern Ghana, in January 2020. Here, we present photos of the exhibition. It expressed a central aspect of the transdisciplinary Gold Matters project to strengthen connections between mining experiences and practices across regions of West Africa (Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Guinea), East Africa (Uganda) and the Amazon (Brazil, Suriname and French Guiana). Gold mining worlds are always on the move miners, knowledges and practices travel. Gold miners learn from experiences they have gained in different places, and the mobility of knowledge provides incentives to innovations, both socially and technologically.

The Gold Matters project is part of such mobilities and seeks to contribute to the critical comparison of mining worlds. One way of doing this is by discussing and showing the variety of (in-depth) gold mining terrains, social arrangements, and technical developments in different mining regions.

For the exhibition in Kejetia, the Gold Matters team brought together photographs taken in the regions where they are undertaking research. On the basis of this photo archive, Nii Obodai curated and produced the exhibition in Kejetia. He was assisted by Mabel Seena. This inspired the name of this part of the on-line exhibition: The Exhibition of the Exhibition. Here we show the process of how, in January 2020, the Exhibition was organized and finally opened in a most festive way. Many photos which featured in the exhibition in Kejetia, also have a place in this on-line exhibition. They can be found in the thematic parts, on the wall of the region where the photos were taken. Nii Obodai’s black and white photographs can be found in the thematic section of ‘ARTistic and ARTisanal’.

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