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Gold Matters: Kejetia Workshop, Exhibition and Art Installation

Co-Labouring in the field with miners was only part of the activities of the workshop. Nii Obodai’s video gives an artistic rendering of the range of activities over several days, which focused on organizing a photo exhibition, and co-labouring with residents of Kejetia in two art projects, culminating in the festive inauguration of the exhibition.

Room 01: Exhibition of the Exhibition

Wall: Co–Labouring in the (3D) Field 


Co-labouring is a key aspect of the Gold Matters project. It can be seen as a form of learning by preparing, doing and reflecting on activities in our project, which brings together a diverse group of researchers, artists and gold miners. Co-labouring creates shared experiences and moments of enjoyment (or stress), and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and generation of new perspectives.

In the Gold Matter’s Kejetia exhibition and workshop (January 2020) forms of co-labouring took different shapes: walking through mining environments together, thereby engaging in discussions about how these environments can be understood; jointly mapping and photographing different aspects of mining on the surface, meanwhile engaging in conversations among ourselves, but also with those working and living in the places we encountered; and creating photo and video material by miners of sub-surface domains that are difficult to access for outsiders. Typically such visual material informed further discussions in small groups or one-to-one afterwards.

The process of co-labouring we engaged in resulted in the creation of knowledge, not just in terms of words or text, but also in terms of visual material: photo and film. Consequently, we tried to expose underground work situations, geological features and socio-spatial relations for researchers and audiences who cannot access them directly. The mobile character of our co-labouring activities, bringing together participants from different regions, stimulated conversations between, for example, miners from the south and the north of Ghana, leading to sharing of experiences and strategies with regard to the targeting of gold, but also to how to best take care of ones’ own health. In some cases, it even revived old friendships, as long-time friends were coincidentally stumbled upon.

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