Room 02: Arts of Co-Labouring

Wall: West Africa


In West Africa, co-labouring of gold miners and researchers occurs in specific mining terrains: the underground takes center stage, but from the surface, it is impossible to see how gold is located and extracted below. Even though researchers do their utmost to learn by participating in activities, for various reasons, underground workspaces are often difficult to access. How to share experiences and knowledge? Filming together - miners filming us and for us - making maps, and drawings together led to eye-opening conversations and provided insights into the hardships, team spirit, and expertise as well as dangers underground. Travel across mining terrains is also important for co-labouring and the sharing of experiences: miners visiting each other’s mining sites, and researchers bringing information on mining practices from other continents. It is in the mobility of ideas, people and techniques that existing practices can be balanced against alternatives elsewhere and possible futures in the here and now.

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